Here are some of my projects!



I co-founded Biotein in April of 2019. We're a startup focused on human aging, and we're targeting it in a bunch of ways.


Alio Internship

I interned at Alio (formerly Graftworx), a medical device company focusing on measuring the vitals of people with kidney impairments (and people with COVID-19 due to the ongoing pandemic).

I coded an algorithm to get breathing rate from heart data, and created a patient portal.


COVID-19 and Aging

Beginning in the summer of 2020, I've been working on a paper complete with a bunch of different analyses to delineate the link between COVID-19 and aging.

I've been collaborating with researchers in the Gladyshev Lab at Harvard on this. It's been a great experience!

Cardiovascular Disease and Aging

I've been writing a paper on cardiovascular disease and its intersection with aging, with collaborators Dr. Michael Fossel and Joe Bean.

It'll hopefully be out soon - I'm excited to be working on it!


I'm a volunteer writer for both Youth STEM Matters and, writing articles on the latest science and tech (both broad and aging-focused).

I also volunteer for Easterseals helping to teach people who have special needs martial arts!

Read some of my articles in the content space.


What I'm doing at the moment:

  1. Prepping Biotein for a really awesome product launch.
  2. Doing a ton of coding.
  3. School, as always.