Here are some of my projects!



I co-founded Biotein in April of 2019. We are a startup focused on human aging.


Boyden Lab Internship

I am developing cost-effective machine learning tools to further understand aging-related disaease risks at the Boyden Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Biotech Internships

I interned at Lygenesis, Rubedo Life Sciences and Alio, where I performed biological data analyses, developed websites and created various written deliverables.


COVID-19 and Aging

I collaborated with the Gladyshev Lab at Harvard. I was first author on a peer-reviewed and cited academic paper in the Aging journal on COVID-19 and its correlation with age (doi: 10.18632/aging.203442). My responsibilities included research, data analysis and writing.


I am a volunteer author for both Youth STEM Matters and I write articles on the latest science and tech (both broad and aging-focused). I also teach martial arts classes to those with special needs at Easterseals.

Read some of my articles in the content section of my website.



I publish poems in my school's literary magazine. Also, I was a member of the school orchestra and chamber music groups (as a violinist and composer), and now I am doing an independent study in music composition.


I am a member of my school's cross-country team and won my age group in a local 5K. I am also training for a half-marathon.

Project Euler

I love to "recreationally" code, and am in the top one percent of programmers solving problems on the Project Euler platform. These mathematical challenges are digestible, taking on average a few hours to crack, yet far-reaching, involving research, hacks and much trial and error. I have solved over 120 to date.


What I am doing at the moment:

  1. Working on a new product launch at Biotein.
  2. Interning at the Boyden Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  3. Doing a ton of coding (top 1% user on the Project Euler platform).
  4. School, as always.