Who am I?


Thanks for visiting my website.

My name's Nina, and I'm a teenager (as if I haven't said that many times already). The above question is one I ask myself every day, but I'll try to sum up my current answer.

I'm really passionate about lengthening human healthspan, which is the measure of how long we're healthy during our lifespan.

I realize that one of the biggest detriments to our healthspan is aging. So, I want to stop it, and by extension all the diseases that come with it (dementias, Parkinson's, cardiovascular diseases, etc).

I'm doing this through my work at Biotein, a startup I've been working on since April of 2019. If you want to find out more about my projects, you can find them here.

My goals

On that note, I figured I would mention my goals. I have quite a few and a lot of ideas on how to accomplish them.

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